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PNEUMATIK is the only company on Polish market that is the author of Intelligent Compressed Air Station including Turbo compressor with innovative technology of Internet access to control system. Implementation of Turbo compressor working in hybrid system of two dryers to the production process of Huta Celsa, is a novelty on national scale, but it is also very rare in Europe overall. For this undertaking, Pneumatik company has received subsidy from EU. Thanks to services offered by Pneumatik, SSN on PROVIS controller has been introduced, which enables transmission of data, visualisation and monitoring of levels of compressed air production via Internet. This solution enables in considerable degree to avoid conditions threatening production of compressed air process and allows for appropriate, early intervention in case of this kind of situation. Thanks to SSN-PROVIS system, that has been used, there is no risk that the production will be stopped or that the compressed air will be produced in inadequate parameters. Moreover, technologies applied by Pneumatik have contributed to 40% of savings in electrical energy consumption and to lower emission of pollution.

As a result of this project, one can observe significant changes in production process:

  • optimalization of the entire system through regulation of power of the Turbo compressor in accordance with SSN-PROVIS system- optimalization and visualization,
  • introduction of hybrid dryer which is a connection of adsorption and refrigerant dryer.

Thanks to the project, Celsa Foundry (Huta Celsa) has gained additional 10000m³/h of compressed and dried air together with innovative superior control.

Celsa "Huta Ostrowiec" Sp. z o.o.

“All works have been executed with adequate care, in accordance with technical and technological requirements and in line with all health and safety procedures. The delivery of machines, devices and their installation has been made on time, in line with schedule. Thanks to new devices, the quantity of electrical energy and cooling water used for production of compressed air has been significantly reduced. In conclusion, we think that this has been a very good investment and we are hoping for further cooperation between our companies.”