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Remote Monitoring Systems

With help of BOGE control and monitoring systems you have the key to more efficient operation!

We offer the optimal control system for every type of application: from monitoring central machine parameters to specific synchronization of up to 16 different compressors. It operates by selecting the appropriate compressor combination to meet the compressed air demand and to proficiently configure your system to ensure best possible operating efficiency: load/idle run switch cycles are minimized and expensive idle run times virtually eliminated.


Thanks to offered by Pneumatik, BOGE control and monitoring systems you can not only feel the difference but actually to see it. For example airtelligence PROVIS can synchronize up to 16 compressors and visualizes the central parameters. As a result energy costs can be closely monitored via an interface to a web server where you can view this data at anytime and anywhere around the world.

System zdalnego monitorowania Airtelligence Provis 3 BOGE
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