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Scroll comressor


Particularly where sensitive working environments are concerned, oil-free compressed air is a must. However, since, no compressor in the small to medium performance oil-free segment (up to 22 kW) has been quiet and compact enough up to now to use right at the workplace, BOGE set out to develop the EO series. The scroll compressors in this series work extremely quietly with very low-vibration. A modular concept with 1-4 airends systematically matches compressor use to demand and also offers maximum versatility – no matter whether used on receivers, with a refrigerant air dryer, as a duplex unit or with a cyclone separator.

Seria sprężarek scroll BOGE EO
BOGEMaximum pressureDrive ratingEfficiency Free air deliverySound pressure levelDimensionsCompressed air outletWeight
TypbarpsigkWhpl/mincfmdB(A)W x D x H
EO 17811616,522189066,762915x1520x1880G1774
EO 171015016,522151553,559915x1520x1880G1774
EO 17 D811616,522189066,762915x1520x1880G1808
EO 17 D1015016,522151553,559915x1520x1880G1808
EO 228116223025208964915x1520x1880G1896
EO 22101502230202071,361915x1520x1880G1896
EO 22 D8116223025208964915x1520x1880G1934
EO 22 D101502230202071,361915x1520x1880G1934

Range of application

Medical technology – Sensitive areas such as dentists‘ surgeries and hospitals have been relying on 100% oil-free compressed air from BOGE for many years now. Installation is now even easier thanks to the compact models in the EO series.


Pharmaceutical industry – 100% oil-free compressed air is an indispensable standard in the pharmaceutical industry. The use of BOGE EO compressors completely eliminates the residual risk of ambient air becoming accidentally contaminated with oil.

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