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Turbo compressors

HST High Speed Turbo

BOGE introduces the next advancement in oil-free compressed air. This is more than a small step in a record of pioneering accomplishments that spans more than 100 years; the High-Speed Turbo technology is the successful completion of a quantum leap. By radically reducing the number of components (the compressors have shrunk to half the size and a third of the weight) while simultaneously using a unique design principle that guarantees low-wear operation, a significant improvement in efficiency has been achieved.

  • Superior drive concept
  • Very high energy density
  • Absolutely no oil or lubricant required
  • Extremely small footprint
  • Minimum maintenance and running costs
  • Long service life
  • Substantial noise reduction
Turbosprężarka LPT 150
ModelFree air delivery (50 Hz and 60 Hz)Motor power
HST 557,51107,972825575
HST 1107,511017,97635110150
HST 2207,511036,571292220300


The driving force for fundamental change. The permanent magnet motor does not require any gears in order to reach the high motor speeds achieved. And since the motor shaft is supported by air alone, oil is not needed anywhere in the system. A high-quality titanium impeller sits at both ends of the motor shaft and works in combination with the diffuser and the spiral casing to generate compressed air. Considered design has resulted in a cooling concept that ensures the air is effectively cooled after each of the three compression stages, while the integrated frequency convertors allow the volumetric flow to be adjusted seamlessly to the compressed air demand.

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