Measurements Compressed Air

Since 2002, thanks to our measurement devices, we are providing air audits directly at our customers.

Scheme of measurement system


The instrument stalk consists of:

  • mas flowmeter type 640S Steel-Mass by SIERRA Instruments company
  • pressure sensor, model EJA510A by YOKOGAWA company
  • temperature sensor

Everything works with measuring transducer (Siemens control software) enabling transport of data to Excel on PC. The above mentioned configuration enables simultaneous measurement of 3 parameters of compressed air in pipelines of 32-300mm diameter in the following ranges:

  • flow (0-45000) Nm³/h
  • pressure (0- 13,8) bar
  • temperatures (0-100) ºC

During taking of the measurements, we not only read given values and put them in tables, but also we prepare a visualization of changes in graphs and graphical registration of record. Each measurement results in conclusions. To obtain more information please click: here

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we will be happy to supply you with further information.

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