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Compressor service

BOGE service

Our company provides service under warranty and after warranty period for all sold devices. We always make sure that we are fast, helpful and effective. We are well aware that compressed air turns out, most of the times, to be as important as electricity, water or gas. Lack of compressed air means stoppage of the production. Sometimes one hour without compressed air may cost more than complete installation of compressed air station! Therefore 24h service that Pneumatik provides to its customers, reassures them that with Pneumatik they not only buy highest quality compressed air devices but also that these devices are under a proper care to work for many years.


Please remember that only by using original BOGE service kits and spare parts you can be sure about durability and reliability of BOGE products. To ensure good working order of the compressors, our company guarantees fast delivery of maintenance materials and spare parts. Pneumatik service technicians are top quality specialists, trained in BOGE headquarters, and our service cars are very well equipped in spare parts, which is definitely helpful when it comes to quick reaction to our customer’s needs. When needed Pneumatik has on stock driving motors and air ends so that our service technicians can carry out any repairs very quickly. For the time of repairs we supply substitute devices.


In case of any problems we are always there to help you, making sure that the device is back to its efficiency as soon as possible.

Why BOGE service runs so smoothly and quickly with us?

All BOGE compressors are in line with EU regulations and have CE certificate. Offered by us devices are economic, durable, reliable and safe to use. But more importantly they have one more important quality: uncomplicated and cost-effective service.

Service and all maintenance works are carried out quickly and only from one side of the compressor thanks to:

  • clear construction in modular system
  • reduction of elements
  • reduction of the quantity of pipes and connections
  • direct access to all parts, without deconstruction of other elements

Easy maintenance cost thanks to:

  • compact construction of units, which means less spare parts
  • precise, digitally enhanced spare parts working, high quality and fine fittings
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