Performance testing

Since 2008 we are offering AIReport check-up system that tests the efficiency of the work of compressed air station on basis of 12-input measuring kit “BOGE Datenlogger” prepared by BOGE especially for this purpose.

The measuring kit is prepared to work with a PC on WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS NT 4.0, WINDOWS 2000 and XP operating systems.

The kit consists of pick up heads with measuring pincers in the quantity of installed compressors in compressor room. For each of the compressors we adjust a given range of measuring pincers, while the pick up heads are connected to inputs analysis suitcase. The measurement takes place during load mode in compressor room for few days.

Connection of pick up heads with measuring pincers to the compressor.

A single-phase measurement is taken. The pincers are put on one phase (on network site). You always need to put pincers in the direction of current flow.


badanie wydajności


The pick up heads have starting signal 4-20mA, the output signal of the measuring pincers depends on their range – usually used are the popularly available ammeter tongs

For example:

Type of tongs Measuring range Output signal Max. motor (kW)
200 A 0-200 A 0-200 mA 75 kW
400 A 0-400 A 0-400 mA 160 kW
1200 A 0-1200 A 0-1200 mA 500 KW


Connection of pressure sensor.
In compressed air drain going out of the compressor room we need to install connector with a diameter of ½ inch, to which we connect pressure sensor- unless the installation already has this kind of connector. The electrical wires of the sensor need to be connected for adequate analogue input of the analyser.

Connection of other sensors.
Additionally we can connect to the analyser a temperature sensor and dew point sensor- in the same way as in measuring pressure.

The measurement suitcase is always connected with a PC to which you put all technical data – the parameters of compressors are analyzed. Through the measurement of compressor current, the measurement kit has in memory all its data and recognizes circuits and modes of work of the compressor (press, idle run and start-up) and registers them.

Measuring stand prepared in this way ensures full efficiency analysis of the compressed air station

  • Consumption of compressed air on pneumatic stand is documented and analyzed.
  • For each day the customer gets graphs of compressed air consumption, graphs of pressure, and graphs of time that compressors are working together with energy table.
  • Energy table is a table that shows time of work of compressors during: load mode, on idle run and analyzes costs of compressed air production in a given currency.
  • The amount of compressed air is shown for each compressor individually but also for all compressors in general.
  • As a result we obtain information on how much energy we need for production of one unit of compressed air and how much does it cost. Having this information we can practically determine in what way and how much of energy we can save.
  •  The results of measurements are presented in tables and on graphs.

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