Oil-free screw compressors

The SO series is characterised by its intelligent design, innovative functional principle and high quality workmanship. Its dependable quality and high effi ciency ensure safe and cost effective generation of oil-free compressed air. Air or water-cooled, fi xed or variable speed options are available to suit most every site condition.


BOGE oil-free screws are available air or water-cooled. A tube in shell principal is used for water cooling. Water flows through the pipes and the compressed air around them, which means that the “dirty” medium passes through the pipes – this facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning. The use of ribbed pipes on the compressed air side and plain pipes on the water-side ensure a high degree of effi ciency.

Flanged pipes also ensure the replacement of the cooling module without having to remove a single component whereas easily extractable pipe bundles make cleaning in mounted condition simpler than ever. The coolant can be treated to achieve the necessary water quality if required. Where no cooling water is available BOGE can supply a chilling system. Air cooling is possible in many applications which means that a cooling water supply and the associated costs can be totally eliminated.



Free air delivery

Motor power

Frequency control

SO 61 A…SO 126 A1

5,3…13,2 m3/min

45…90 kW

On enquire

SO 61-2 W…SO126-2 W2

5,3…13,2 m3/min

45…90 kW

On enquire

SO 150-2 W…SO 269-2 W

16,2…26,3 m3/min

110…200 kW

On enquire

SO 270-2 W…SO 480-2 W

28,4…51,4 m3/min

200…355 kW

On enquire

1Air cooled
2Water cooled

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