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Oxygen generators

BOGE Oxygen Generators O 3 P to O 15 P

The Pressure Swing Adsorption process is used to separate oxygen from the other components of the air:


purified compressed air is passed through a receiver that contains a zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) and the nitrogen molecules in the air are adsorbed by the ZMS. As soon as the ZMS is saturated with nitrogen molecules, the system switches over to the second receiver, in which the adsorption process then continues while the saturated receiver is regenerated. This process is repeated in every single module. The result: Oxygen that has a stable purity level of 90 to 95%, or is just as pure as you actually need it to be.

Generator tlenu


Thanks to their high-quality components, BOGE Oxygen Generators are practically maintenance-free. The stainless-steel valve housing, the wear-free zirconium oxide sensor and the zeolite molecular sieve ensure trouble-free operation and reliable oxygen quality. This means minimum service costs.


With a BOGE Oxygen Generator, you are not dependent on suppliers. You waste no money on storage, evaporation losses or residual gas left in rented bottles and no compromises must be made with regard to supply quantities and purity levels. There is practically no more efficient way to produce oxygen than with the Pressure Swing Adsorption method.


With BOGE Oxygen Generators, you avoid the risks associated with storing high-pressure cylinders and handling oxygen bottles. All of the components used are of the highest quality and the manufacturing process is rigorously monitored. The analysis device and display constantly monitor the purity level and guarantee safe reliability.


BOGE Oxygen Generators place particularly high demands on the treatment components on the product gas side. As a system provider, BOGE offers you a comprehensive range of products, whether you need sterile filters for the medical sector, for example, or specially coated oxygen gas receivers.

BOGE Oxygen Generators O 3 P to O 15 P

BOGEOutput (Nm3/h) AT different purity levelsDimensions
W x D x H
TypePurity level 90% O2Purity level 93% O2Purity level 95% O2mmkg
O 3P2,622,542,49560 X 780 X 1672306
O 5P5,35,25,1560 X 1048 X 1672457
O 8P87,87,6560 X 1316 X 1672609
O 10P10,610,310,1560 X 1584 X 1672759
O 13P13,112,812,5560 X 1852 X 1672910
O 15P15,615,114,9560 X 2120 X 16721061

The data provided is based on standard conditions at an ambient temperature of 20 °C, 60 % air humidity, ±0 altitude and 7.5 bar inlet pressure.


BOGEOutput (Nm3/h) AT different purity levelsDimensions
W x D x H
TypePurity level 90% O2Purity level 93% O2Purity level 95% O2mmkg
O 3PE2,622,542,49560 X 780 X 1510286
O 5PE5,35,25,1560 X 1048 X 1510437
O 8PE87,87,6560 X 1316 X 1510589
O 10PE10,610,310,1560 X 1584 X 1510739
O 13PE13,112,812,5560 X 1852 X 1510890
O 15PE15,615,114,9560 X 2120 X 15101041

The oxygen generator requires purified compressed air that complies with class [1.4.1] as defined in ISO 8573-1 (plus zeolite adsorber).


CapacityMeasurements in mmRaising
WeightOxygen inletOxygen outletInspections apertures
Vertical receirvers, painted, 11 bar
5002120600600565132320170G 2G 21 handhole
10002365790790721132615250G 2G 21 handhole
2000281010001000960133060375G 2G 21 manhole

Oxygen receiver manufactured according to directive 97/23/EC, with CE symbol, incl. safety valve and accessories.

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