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The COMBO-D-LUX ® is an all-in-one digital timer drain with an integrated ball valve and strainer. The unit offers true digital time cycle programming luxury. The COMBO-D-LUX ® saves installation time and protects against large particles found in condensate, due to the integrated ball valve and strainer.


Key features:

  • Easy digital programming luxury
  • Large/high discharge capacity (max. > 1000 ltrs/hr condensate)
  • Program count-down visibility
  • Integrated ball valve and mesh strainer
  • Operating pressure 0 to 21 bar
  • Large (4.0 mm) valve orifice
  • Stainless steel inner moving valve parts
  • Easy and quick valve servicing (maintenance)
  • Test feature
  • Suitable for all types of compressed air systems
Spust kondensatu Combo D LUX
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