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HANKISON HSP 90-720, HS 300-3600 Series

Oil-water separators HSP 90-720, HS 300-3600

Their flow capacity ranges from 90- 3600 m3/h. The device ensures proper separation of water and impurities from condensate, which consists in 99% from water and in 1% from oil suspension.

ModelFlow rateContainer volumeDimensions
HSP 90904,5450*280*2104,5
HSP 1501506,6550*280*2105,5
HSP 21021011610*285*2859
HSP 360360on request908*437*32517
HSP 720720on request870*300/26018
HS 30030074965*600*38022
HS 480480120965*620*52025
HS 9009001601160*620*52028
HS 180018002301160*850*52055
HS 360036007901450*1300*100090
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