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HHDP Series


  • Energy saving ColdWave™ system. Energy-saving “schedule mode” allows compressed air users with one or two-shift operations to schedule the dryer to turn on and off in accordance with their work schedule
  • Energie Management Monitor emm™
  • Corrosion-free air circuit, made of copper and stainless steel
  • Powder-coated housing
  • Made in Germany
Osuszacz Hankinson SPX
ModelFlow rate [m3/h]Power consumption [kW]
HHDp 3813801,00/1,20
HHDp 4814801,46/1,75
HHDp 6016001,60/1,80
HHDp 7917901,75/1,90
HHDp 9519502,25/2,50
HHDp 115111502.55/2.75
HHDp 145114502.99/3.20
HHDp 180018004.90
HHDp 225022505.50
HHDp 270027007.00
HHDp 315031508.70
HHDp 360036009.20
HHDp 4500450010.80
HHDp 5400540013.40
HHDp 6300630017.4/19.8
HHDp 7200720018.4/21.2
HHDp 9000900021.6/24.8
HHDp 108001080026/31
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