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HDS Series


  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Stainless steel heat-exchanger technology
  • Revolutionary digital scroll energy management (option)
  • Constant dew point
  • Highly efficient demister technology
  • Made in Germany

The HDS Series is designed to provide a rapid return on investment by:

  • Reducing the dryer’s energy consumption down to 9% (91% savings) at 0% load
  • Precise matching of average air flow (heat load) with the required input kW power…No More…No Less
  • Maintaining stable Class 4 and Class 5 dew points with no dew point spikes which send water downstream and cause high maintenance and downtime costs
ModelFlow rate [m3/h]Power consumption at 100% [kW]
HFQ 120012002,1
HFQ 140014002,7
HFQ 170017004,3
HFQ 190019005,2
HFQ 220022005,3
HFQ 240024006,7
HFQ 320032008,6
HFQ 365036509,3
HFQ 4600460010,5
HFQ 5000500013,5
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