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DS120 – DS1800 Series

Flow capacity: 12.00 – 180 m³/min, 720 – 6356 cfm


Max. operating pressure: 14 bar, 203 psig


Compressed air drying can be so convenient: Due to the effective control, this series enables absolutely cost-efficient compressed air drying. Their extremely low pressure loss due to the generously designed components prevents overcompression. Compressor energy savings of six percent are achieved for every bar of pressure saved. Displaying energy use helps the operator to fully exploit the greatest saving potential – and arrive at the most efficient way to obtain dry compressed air.

BOGEFlow capacityMax pressurePressure differential at full loadElectr. power consumptionInstalled powerCompressed air connectionCooling air requiredDimensions W x D x HWeight
DS 12012720424140,131,891,131,542,383,42G 228001646706x1046x1064145
DS 14014840494140,182,611,141,552,383,42G 228001646706x1046x1064145
DS 180181080636140,233,341,461,993,024,11G 240002352706x1046x1064155
DS 220221320777140,091,311,682,283,414,64G 2 1/270504145806x1166x1316230
DS 260261560918140,131,892,192,984,476,08G 2 1/270504145806x1166x1316240
DS 30030,1718101065140,172,472,413,285,277,17G 2 1/270504145806x1166x1316245
DS 3503521001236140,243,483,064,166,268,51G 2 1/270504145806x1166x1316250
DS 4604627601624140,142,033,144,276,268,51DN 100705041451007x1245x1723470
DS 5205231201836140,182,613,544,817,4610,15DN 100705041451007x1245x1723490
DS 6306337802225140,263,774,646,319,9213,49DN 1001410082911007x1657x1810580
DS 7507545002648140,162,325,737,7911,3215,4DN 1501410082911007x1657x1810670
DS 9009054003178140,233,347,6310,3816,2622,11DN 15019000111721007x1657x1810690
DS 120012072004237140,233,348,9212,1319,2626,19DN 15019000111721007x1657x1807830
DS 150015090005297140,22,912,3516,825,6434,87DN 20028500167581007x2257x22081100
DS 1800180108006356140,263,7715,9621,7131,0442,21DN 20028500167581007x2257x22081190
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