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HMW Series

Osuszacze z serii HMW 74 – 1284

HMW series desiccant dryers use electrical heaters inside of the desiccant bed for regeneration of the saturated desiccant. The direct contact of the fi nned heater tubes with the desiccant bed makes most effi cient use of the regeneration energy.

  • Internal-heat regeneration system
  • Economical regeneration process
  • Long life of the heater elements and desiccant
  • Energy saving with dew point control (optional)
  • Mechanically stable, low-dusting desiccant
ModelFlowa rate [m3/h]
HMW 74245
HMW 120400
HMW 196653
HMW 236785
HMW 3081026
HMW 3851404
HMW 5751916
HMW 6752250
HMW 8012670
HMW 10773590
HMW 12844280
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