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HBD Series

Osuszacze hybrydowe z serii HDB

Benefits and features:

  • Volume flows of 1,200 to 9,000 m 3/h
  • Low operating expenses in comparison with heat regeneration desiccant dryers
  • Compact, complete operational unit
  • Highest energy efficiency at low pressure dew points
  • Constant pressure dew point
  • Generously dimensioned components guarantee low differential pressure
  • Selectable summer/winter operation (+3°C / -40°C)
  • Efficient fi nest oil filtration at the coldest point
  • Extended lifetime of the absorbent through extremely low regeneration temperatures
osuszacz adsorpcyjny HBD
ModelFlow rate*Max. working pressure
HBD 1200120010
HBD 1500150010
HBD 2000200010
HBD 2500250010
HBD 3000300010
HBD 4000400010
HBD 5000500010
HBD 6000600010
HBD 7000700010
HBD 8000800010
HBD 9000900010

* ISO 7183, based on the intake volume of the compressor at +20°C and 1 bar (a), operating pressure 7 bar (g), inlet temperature +35°C, ambient or cooling water temperature +25°C, Pressure dew point -40°C.

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