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S Series

One of the best has been improved upon: The S series has set standards in efficient and reliable compressed air production. Now, BOGE has made one of the best screw compressor ranges on the market even better. While retaining the proven design philosophy, the efficiency, smooth running properties and the sound pressure levels have been significantly optimised. You can look forward to the best S series of all time!

series-s sprężarka Boge seria S


The new generation BOGE S series has the most efficient airend ever employed by BOGE – the BOGE effilence. Included as standard in every machine in the S-3 series, BOGE’s effilence enhances the in – creased air delivery and improved oil separation system to the high level of efficiency achieved by the new compressor generation.


As well as the innovative BOGE effilence airend, the new designed fan makes the BOGE S-3 series quieter than ever. Its speed has been halved resulting in reduced noise levels – while the cooling air has been improved at the same time to provide a consistent cooling performance. The result speaks for itself: the quietest S series of all time!


The compressor control in the standard version uses a familiar and intuitive FOCUS control which provides numerous monitoring and control features that allows connection to master control system.


Irrespective of the modification incorporated, the proven design of the S series has still been retained: providing the advantages of the efficient cooling air circulation, the effective optimised oil separation system with a horizontal receiver and the premium quality of one of the most reliable screw compressors on the market.

S series, belt driven

BOGE ModelMotor powerEffective free air delivery m3/min
7,5 bar8 bar10 bar13 bar
S 31-3223,883,352,73
S 40-3 (D)*305,314,773,86
S 50-3 (D)*376,325,614,72
S 60-3 (D, F, DF)*457,36,535,33
S 61-3 (D)*457,856,895,82
S 75-3 (D)*559,888,757,32
S 90-3 (D)*6511,3510,188,87
S 100-3 (D, F, DF)*7512,55119,53
S 101-3 (D)*7513,6211,7711,05
S 125-3 (D)*9015,5114,0411,62
S 150-3 (D, F, DF)*11018,2616,2514,25
S 15111019,41714,4
S 18013223,320,817,8
S 22116028,124,620,3
S 27120035,231,826,2
S 34125042,438,233,1


D – refrigerant dryer

F – frequency converter

DF – refrigerant dryer and frequency converter

S series, direct drive

Operating within the specific optimal range: In combination with the direct drive and frequency control, the SLF machines provide an extremely flexible system that adapts spontaneously to changes in the compressed air demand. If the pressure value changes, the air delivery is also synchronised automatically! This means that the machine supplies only the precise amount of compressed air that is actually needed at the time.


INTELLIGENT FAN CONTROL: From the S 61-3 up we offer variable cooling air flow via frequency-controlled fan as an option. It ensures that it only ever works as hard as necessary. These machines achieve a significant efficiency advantage.

TypMoc znamionowaEfektywna wydajność w m3/min
7,5 bar8 bar10 bar13 bar
SL 31-3223,96
SLF 30-3 (D)*22on request1,20..3,94
SLF 40-3 (D)*301,30…5,311,30…4,751,26…4,21
SLF 51-337on request2,36…7,162,25…6,432,12…5,12
SLF 61-345on request3,10…7,902,90…7,002,14…5,78
SL 75-3558,75on requeston request
SLF 75-355on request2,20…9,602,10…8,502,18…7,26
SL 101-37514,05
SLF 101-375on request5,10…13,684,94…11,713,68…10,53
SLF 125-3904,98…15,314,93…14,254,79…12,48
SL 181-3 / SLF 181-313222,7 / 8,12…22,8-/7,97…19,7-/7,68…16,1
SL 221-3 / SLF 221-3160-/8,67…28,822,7 / 8,51…25,1-/8,26…21,3
SL 271-3 / SLF 271-3200-/8,67…36,5-/8,51…32,622,7 / 8,26…27,5
SL 27020033,3
SL 34025033,233
SL 34125044,2
SL 43131543,9
SL 48135542,7


D – refrigerant dryer

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