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DAV Series

SERIES DAV 75 – DAV 1035

Adsorption dryers DAV 75 to DAV 2415 externally heated with vacuum regeneration including pre-filter and after-filter


Flow capacity: 420 – 14500 m³/h, 241 – 8359 cfm


Max. operating pressure: 10 bar, 150 psig


Dry compressed air with low energy system: Heat regenerated adsorption dryers are ideally suited for higher outputs and pressure dew points up to -70°C (standard -25°C or -40°C). Ambient air is taken and heated under vacuum to regenerate the desiccant. A sophisticated system taking advantage of physical conditions enables efficient compressed air drying resulting in energy savings of up to 25 percent in comparison with traditional systems.

BOGEVolume to flow*ConnectionWidthHeightDepthWeight without filterPower required
DAV 757420241DN 40121519559924603,5
DAV 858,5510293DN 40121422049925603,7
DAV 10510,7640370DN 501306224710827505,1
DAV 14514,2850487DN 501360227111208006,6
DAV 20019,71180681DN 8015602664126411508,9
DAV 250251500863DN 80161026801279135012
DAV 3303319801141DN 80170027301585172013,2
DAV 39039,223501353DN 100202028451447188018,1
DAV 45548,829301688DN 100208028701580235022,4
DAV 55559,235502047DN 100217029401740285027,1
DAV 68568,341002365DN 150245031901780400031,6
DAV 7907947402735DN 150255032102110410033,6
DAV 87587,552503029DN 150255032301955420035,5
DAV 1035103,562103582DN 150260035001910495049,3
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