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BOGE CC Series

The high-performing condensate cleaner: The BOGE CC Oil/Water Separator applies a novel operating principle, which has been proven in long-term tests. The condensate flows through two highly efficient filter elements made of specially manufactured plastic fibres and high-quality activated carbon. Advantages: No liquid oil residues arise, the filter needs to be changed less often, and condensates from a wide variety of compressors can be separated.


The BOGE CC has multiple functional and filtration stages. The condensate flows through tubes and through the special connection nipple into the decompression chamber (1). From here the condensate goes into the first filtration stage: the polypropylene element (2). The pre-cleaned condensate enters the second filtration stage through the lower connection on the BOGE CC, which has a high-quality activated carbon element (3). With all oil residues removed (residual oil content of less than 10 ppm), the condensate exits the BOGE CC via the outlet (4).

Oddzielacz woda-olej BOGE seria CC
Oddzielacz woda-olej BOGE seria CC
BOGE ModelFor compressors with the following delivery rate [m3/h]
CC 2to 1,8
CC 4to 3,5
CC 8to 8,0
CC 20to 20,0
CC 35to 35,0
CC Extenderto 70,0
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