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ÖWAMAT has the national technical approval Z-83.5-9 of the “Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik” (an institute of the federal and state governments for a uniform fulfilment of technical tasks in the field of public law). With this, the devices take into account the environmental and water protection and follow the holistic approach of sustainability.


The cartridge technology is particularly user-friendly. It allows a fast replacement of the filter and facilitates low-waste disposal. Furthermore, the filter service lives are significantly longer than the service lives of conventional activated-carbon filters. The prolonged maintenance intervals also result from this high product quality.


The ÖWAMAT also proves its saving potential when it comes to the life cycle costs: they are particularly low, as no additional energy is required for the processing procedure. Thanks to these advantages, the ÖWAMAT, in most cases, pays for itself within a few months already.

The ÖWAMAT® advantages at a glance

  • Plant-specific sizes
  • Easiest handling thanks to the cartridge technology
  • Double service life of the filter units
  • Type approval with and without free oil separation
  • Easy retrofitting of a heating system at any time

ÖWAMAT 10-16, technical specification

Container volume10 l18.6 l30.6 l61.3 l115.5 l228.4 l
Filling volume with preseparator22.7246.3484.28158.8
Filling volume without preseparator4.3 l11.7 l20.3 l41.5 l72.5 l137.2 l
Condensate inflow (hose)2 x G1/2 (di =10 mm)3 x G1/2 (di =10 mm)
1 x G1 (di = 25 mm)
Water outflow (hose)G1/2 (di =10 mm)G1/2 (di =13 mm)G1 (di =25 mm)
Oil outflowDN 25DN 40
Oil collector2 x 5 l2 x 10 l2 x 20 l
Weight empty with preseparator13.5 kg18.5 kg36.5 kg53 kg
Weight empty without preseparatoca. 3.5 kg5.75 kg12 kg16 kg32 kg42 kg
Temperature min./max.+5 to +60 °C
Max. operating pressure at inlet16 bar
Prefilter2.5 l4.7 l2.5 l6.7 l18.5 l36.5 l
Main jet2.0 l3.7 l5.4 l10.4 l20.2 l40.3 l
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