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C Series

Modules of the BOGE C series:

Modular design, compact system: Because of the modular design BOGE screw compressors allow for individual configuration of your compressed air system. Each compact module is pre-assembled and ready for use: for efficient and reliable operation in all types of applications.

Sprężarki śrubowe BOGE Seria C
Sprężarki śrubowe BOGE Seria C


The BOGE airend design ensures industry leading specific power ratios (optimised output volumes at low energy consumption).


The C series can be equipped with a refrigeration dryer as an option – either top mounted on a compressed air receiver or horizontally mounted. No additional space is required for the generation of dry compressed air.


The frequency converter flexibly controls the motor speed and therefore the airend. This ensures the compressor output automatically adjusts to the momentary demand. Soft starting via the frequency converter also avoids undue wear and tear and prolongs the service life of the compressor.


The compressor has the BASIC control system with LC display and pressure transducer technology. FOCUS control is available as an option that offers additional monitoring and control features. FOCUS is also programmed to act as a changeover switch and can control up to three compressors.

C series, belt driven

TypeMotor powerEffective free air delivery m3/min
8 bar10 bar13 bar
C 4 (D)*30,4270,340,219
C 5 (D)*40,6010,5060,386
C 7 (D)*5,50,8470,7360,576
C 9 (D)*7,51,181,060,87
C 15 (D, F, FD)*111,741,531,33
C 16 (D, F, FD)*111,961,711,31
C 20 (D, F, FD)*152,552,251,89
C 25 (D, F, FD)*18,53,12,712,32
C 30 (D, F, FD)*223,623,212,74


*D – refrigerant dryer

*F – frequency converter

C series, directly coupled

TypeMotor powerEffective free air delivery m3/min
8 bar10 bar13 bar
C 3 L (R, DR)*2,20,234 / (-)
C 4 L (R, DR)*30,311 / (0,310)0,204 /(-)
C 5 L (R, DR)*40,536 / (0,400)
C 7 L (R, DR)*5,50,707 / 0,6780,525 / (-)
C 9 LF (R, DR)*7,50,26…1,2560,26…1,1410,25…0,970
C 10 L7,51,05 / (-)1,03 / (1,06)
C 15 L111,81 / (-)1,74 / (-)
C 20 L152,25 / (-)2,22 / (2,17)


*D – refrigerant dryer

*R – compressed air receiver

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