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X-DRAIN ® – The definitive system for condensate treatment
Simple time-controlled solenoid valves have proved to be effective in the past but do not meet current safety and reliability requirements. Implementation of the electronic level-controlled X-DRAIN ® will meet these new standards and improve reliability and reduce unnecessary costs.

Key features:

– Capacitive Sensor
This monitors the level of condensate received from the compressed air system and manages its effective discharge.
– Minimal loss of compressed air
Two sensors (low-level and high-level ) control the discharge of the condensate. The discharge valve closes the outlet
before there is any loss of the costly-produced compressed air.
– Automatic Discharge Function
In the event of the condensate not being discharged to the minimal level within two minutes, an alarm is generated auto-
matically. The automatic drain will then implement a default setting which will activate the solenoid valve for 5 seconds
every 3 minutes until returned to normal operation by the user.
– High operational safety
– High economical efficiency
– Convenient to install and maintain
– Durability (Hard-Wearing)

ModelPressure max.Flow rate m3/h
EDD 602-04 stand-alone162.1004.20021.000
EDD 604-4 built-in162.1004.20021.000
EDD 607-04633907803.900
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